Herzlich Welkommen in Deutschland !!! Hallo Frankfurt.

Today is my third day in Germany. I have adjusted my body and life with the time and condition here. Like many other four season countries, this time is beginning of fall. For me, as a tropical boy it is so cold. Even though it is not my first time living abroad in four season countries but I can’t enjoy this weather.

Let’s flash back to my story when I flew from Jakarta to here. I booked the Malaysia Airlines, as we know that Indonesian is afraid using this airline due to the double accident of it. But for me, I felt OK about this since every flight has same chance to be safe or not. I thought at that time those accidents not because the careless factor of MAS but it was more likely a “X” factor.

I flew from CGK to KUL at 19.30, and transit at KUL for around one hour. From this magnificent airport I flew to FRA directly. I would say that everything was perfect, Food, punctuality, hospitality of flight attendant and definitely safe. Now, I am in Germany without any problem.

Previously I booked this airline since it offered the cheapest airfare and good time for me to landing in the morning. From CGK to FRA include transit at KUL was only around 16 at night flight with the price around 490 USD. It was awesome right??

Moral Story:  don’t be afraid using MAS, everything is OK.

First Day in Germany

A friend of mine introduced me a Turkish Muslim Brother via KaTalk in a couple of days before my departure to Germany. His name is Sait. He also did exchange student at Korea at Ehwa Women Univeristy for around one year. at that time, he was active in Masjid Seoul as well. I made a some conversations with him by KaTalk, and he welcomed me, and he offered sightseeing around FRA before my train to Stuttgart depart. As you know, since I had limited budget for this study I booked flight  to FRA and ICE train (it is like KTX in Korea, CGV in France, or shinkanzen in Japan), I got promotion ticket from Frankfurt to Stuttgart only 24 Euro. As consequence, it must be an afternoon ticket , it means I have to be at Frankfurt around 5 Hours. Therefore, I was so happy about Sait offers.

In Short, I would say Sait is amazing friend. He picked us (since we were two, I was with one of Indonesian student who will study at Stuttgart as well) at FRA airport, bought one day ticket for us to go around FRA, helped us to keep our luggage at his place, guided us around FRA, and treated us a nice Turkish cuisine at one of famous Turkish restaurant at the foreigner area in FRA. We were like a VIP guest.

We went to some area around city center of Frankfurt. Sait told me everything that we must to know about this city, his way to explain reflected the he enjoys living as a Frankfurter. As an economic city Frankfurt has many skyscraper buildings that won’t be found in any other cities around mainland of Europe, so we thought that the icon of Frankfurt is about Euro. As our first destination we went to the old Bank Central of EU with the symbol of Euro Currency.

bank of EU
Euro Symbol, in front of Old European central Bank

As a skyscraper building, Frankfurt would be nice if we can see from the top of building. The best spot to see it is from the top of building. We want to the top of  Ziel, one of Shopping mall in Frankfurt. Compared to Indonesian Shopping mall or typical Asian mall this place is quite small. 6 floors malls, with standard facilities of malls.

Frankfurt Skycrapers

The next spot of ours are museum of Parliament. At the past, it was a church and then into the first parliament of Germany. This museum is situated next to the Rathaus of Frankfurt and next to the old traditional house of German during the Roman Empire. The call it with “Romer” or it is simply Roman. When Germany part of Holy Roman Empire they built this houses. This kind of houses reflected the history of it, the design was influenced by the tax’s policy at the time. Tax was count by number of stairs they have and the large in square meter the house occupied the land. So that’s way Romer has little bit smaller size of ground floor house, without stairs and the land going to the house is a slope.

Romer Haus, reflected German cultur at the past.

We went to Main river, the favorite place of frankfurter to escape from busy life. It is look like hangang river in Korea, but smaller. And there is also some river cruise. Most of passengers is senior citizen. They make trip around German river or even European river.

Finally, our clock was around 11.45 so it is time to enjoyed lunch. Sait treated me in Turkish restaurant in foreigner area in Frankfurt and sent us back to the Frankfurt Flughafen station until we got our ICE to Stuttgart.

me and sait
Me and Sait, an amazing turkish friend


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