Flash Back 2015

It is my first post in this year, 2015. I was so lazy to write something, even though there are a lot of things happened in this year. Before 2015 is going to end tomorrow. I want to make a flash back here, about what i have done living here in Stuttgart.

Academic life 

Now i am in third semester,it means i only need one semester more to get master degree. However, i have some doubts to finish my study in incoming semester. I worry that my skills, especially my German is not sufficient to get into German labor market. I decided to secure an internship for next semester to gain more experiences and to make my CV. My grade was not bad and I satisfied about it.

Professional life

since January i have been working at FESTO as working student. a part time job. In first six months i worked for Product management and now i am working for standardization. I am glad, i could maintenance my professional portfolio. my story how i got this job. i will write letter.


As a student who relays on part time job for living here, I did not travelling so much around Europe. most of my free time i spend for hiking around region Stuttgart. here is quite nice place and so many awesome places especially nature to be explored. might be it is also be nice to write hiking trek around here which are reachable by using public transportation. however, this year i also did hiking in Switzerland.

Reading list

I read some books, here the list:

  • Rosie project  (Novel) —Finished 
  • Rosie effect (Novel)—Finished
  • Api Tauhid (Novel)—Finished
  • David and Goliath (German translation)—on going
  • How Google Works —on going
  • Thinking Fast and Slow —on going

I think I read much more books during when i was in Indonesia. but most of them are in Indonesian.

German language

Im diese Jahr hab Ich viele Verbesserung gemacht. Ich vorstelle mich dass mein Deustch letztes jahr  nicht gut ist. Gerade kann ich generel verstehen was die leute sagen. sogar wenn ich Youtube, die dokumenter anschaue, verstehe ich auch. Ich habe auch selbewusst auf deustch zu sprechen und zu schreiben. Mittlerweile kann hier ohne englisch leben und versuche auf deutsch sprechen. nachste mal werde ich hier am diese blog auf deutsch schreiben.



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